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Efficiency and Time-Saving Cargo Shipping Solutions for Your Business!

As the first Cargowise Business-and-Service Partner in North Africa, YADRI TRANS brings 15 years of experience in the logistics industry and the knowledge gained from global deployments of Cargowise. We provide a range of Management Support Services to CargoWise customers. In addition, with over 14 years of expertise in IT science engineering and three years of experience in Cargowise, YADRI TRANS has implemented multiple interfaces with ERP, BI, and Master Data Systems in operational areas and training in the CargoWise solution. YADTRI TRANS' skilled staff and a team of sales experts can sell the Cargowise solution to freight forwarders in Africa and the Middle East. Furthermore, we identify our customer's individual needs to provide training and implementation designed to reflect their requirements!

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Skilled personnel, utilising communications, tracking processing software, combined with decades of experience! Through an integrated supply chain solutions, Yadritrans sustainable competitive advantages to some of Morocco's largest companies.



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Get your team CargoWise certified with our accelerated training program. Our certified trainers provide industry-specific training to fully utilize the software, with flexible scheduling options. Empower your team for internal support and maximum efficiency in less time.

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Customization of reports and document layouts allows for a more personalized and efficient presentation of information. It helps in reducing errors, increasing data accuracy, and saving time and effort. It also improves overall professionalism and enhances the branding of the organization, giving your company a competitive edge in the industry

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YadriTrans partners with Shipamax to provide the latest AI and OCR technology for CargoWise. Our new AI product utilizes advanced algorithms and OCR technology to automate data entry, reducing errors and increasing efficiency in logistics and transportation operations. Trust us to optimize your CargoWise system with cutting-edge AI technology.


Flexibile, Improved & Accelerated Solutions

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